Forest of Fear

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Forest of Fear?
The Forest of Fear is the largest and longest running outdoor haunted attraction in West Michigan. It is an interactive, outdoor, walk-through haunted event. You and your party will walk yourself though various scenes along a dimly lit path through the woods. You will never know when a monster or ghoul will suddenly appear out of the Forest to scare you!

Where is the Forest of Fear?
The Forest of Fear is located at 8758 Patterson Road just south of 84th Street in Caledonia, just a short drive from Grand Rapids, MI. Just look for the lighted sign on the west side of Patterson Ave. See the Location and Directions for maps and directions.

Does the Forest of Fear accept credit cards or checks?
Yes, we accept cash and credit cards. However, at this time we do not accept checks without prior approval.

How can I avoid a wait at the Forest of Fear?
To reduce your chance of a wait at the Forest of Fear we recommend that you arrive earlier in the evening. We open at dusk.

Does the Forest of Fear offer VIP passes?
The Forest of Fear offers VIP passes during out busiest nights. VIP passes can be purchased onsite at the ticket office for $5. A VIP pass will expedite your admission into the Forest of Fear.

How long has the Forest of Fear been running?
We started in 2000!

What happens to the money that I spend on my Forest of Fear Ticket?
The proceeds from the Forest of Fear support the projects that are run by the South Kent Junior Chamber. The South Kent Junior Chamber sponsor community projects throughout the year such as Holiday Charity Programs, Easter Egg Hunts, College Scholarship Programs and any other community events. Unlike other haunted events, no individual profits from the production of the Forest of Fear.

Will the actors touch me?
No, our actors will not touch you, and in return we ask that you not touch the actors. Although in a dark forest with narrow pathways, accidents are bound to happen, and we ask for your understanding if you are accidentally touched.

Can small children visit the Forest of Fear?
We have many families with younger children who enjoy visiting the Forest of Fear each year and we do not have any age restrictions. However, the Forest of Fear is not designed for small children and we do have the occasional youngster who does not want to continue through this attraction. We do not offer refunds for any customers who are too frightened to enjoy the entire attraction.

Are group discounts available for the Forest of Fear?
In general, group rates are not available. However, exceptions may be made in rare cases. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out if you qualify.

Can I volunteer at the Forest of Fear?
Yes! The Forest of Fear is always looking for new actors and support volunteers. To volunteer you must be 18 or older. If interested, please contact us a [email protected]